Welcome to Julamis

“ I am a Swiss master chef who has worked all over the world in the hospitality industry before settling down in Cancun 20 years ago. My wife and I decided that we desired more cultural attractions and events in our life and settled on our neighbor… the beautifully vibrant colonial city of Merida! We purchased a small historic building which has been converted into a boutique “hotelito”, Julamis. After being here for more than 5 years we are so thrilled with our new city, our location in the historic center and all of our new neighbors and friends we have met from all walks of life and most of all with all of the cultural attractions and events available to us every day here in Merida. Since we have traveled all over Mexico in the last 20 years, we are so thrilled when we can help/guide our guests to the best places to see, eat (of course this is my favorite, since I am a chef) and where they can enjoy the Yucatecan experience to the fullest.”

-Alex Rudin
Chef, Owner

Famous Breakfasts

If you have ever heard anything about Julamis, it has probably been about Alex’s famous breakfasts. His inventiveness and creativity is nothing short from inspiring. Combining simple, local ingredients and his passion for cooking, Alex will start off your day with mouth-watering dishes, ensuring you have the necessary energy to explore the wonders of Merida and its surrounding areas. Once you are done for the day and ready to relax back at the hotel, don’t forget to join Alex for an evening tequila tasting on the beautiful Julamis rooftop.

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